1. Different subject books are presents for every branch.
  2. Reading Room for both the students and faculties.
  3. Well delivery of books.
  4. Magazine, Journal

Computer Lab:

  1. IT/CST Department has been operating the Computer Lab.
  2. Well Monitoring for every computer.
  3. Different Branch wise Software’s are available for students need.
  4. Broadband connections are available for every terminal.
  5.  Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  6. Opened Hardware parts are available for PC Maintenance.

Smart Class Room:   

  1. Well Operating Smart Class are available.
  2. Projector, Audio-Video System and Laptop are available.
  3. Teaching by Video Lecture.
  4. Large Number of audience seating capability.
  5. Seminar/ workshop/Lecture have been performed.
  6. Special Class can be taken by faculty of this institute.


  1. Physics Laboratory has been functioning with his different equipments as per Diploma Engineering Syllabus.
  2. Well different Chemicals are present in the Chemistry laboratory and have been working as per syllabus.
  3. There are different equipments in the Civil Engineering lab as per syllabus.
  4. Electronics and Tele-Communication lab with several lab equipments.
  5. Electrical Engineering Lab with several important lab equipments as per syllabus.
  6. Computer Lab with Internet Connectivity for every terminal. Necessary Branch wise Software’s have been operating in every terminal. Hardware requirements are available for knowledge of PC maintenance.
  7. Mechanical workshop with different machinery, Smithy and Carpentry Equipments are available.

Higher Studies Preparation:

  1. Prepare students for higher studies by presentation to introduce different colleges in India.
  2. Seminar/ Lecture/Workshop are available to know the importance of higher studies by faculty.
  3. Introduce different Engineering Entrance Examination for B.E (Lateral Entry) and B.Tech (Lateral Entry) or other.
  4. Guide for Entrance Examination.
  5. Canteen:
  6. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods are available.
  7. Fast Food, Tea, Coffee, Bread, Chapatti, Biscuits etc are available.

Health Care:

There are one Hospital is situated nearby Institute named Mukunda Christian Leprosy & General Hospital, Kamalacharra, Ambassa, Dhalai, Tripura-79289 which has been functioning well from 2005. Well operated facility are available in this hospital and have been performed a vital role for peoples of this city as well as for students.